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Toolkits DTraceToolkit K9 Toolkit SE Toolkit MemTool DProfile System Statistics acctcom – process accounting busstat – Bus hardware counters cpustat – CPU hardware counters iostat – IO & NFS statistics kstat – display kernel statistics mpstat – Processor statistics netstat – Network statistics nicstat - Enhanced network statistics nfsstat – NFS client and server stats sar – kitchen sink utility vmstat – virtual memory stats fsstat - File system statistics ::memstat - Memory Summary filestat - UFS Block Layout Statistics statit - System Statistics Utility Process Statistics cputrack - per-processor hw counters pargs – process arguments pflags – process flags pcred – process credentials pldd – process's library dependencies psig – process signal disposition pstack – process stack dump pmap – process memory map pfiles – open files and names prstat – process statistics ptree – process tree ptime – process microstate times pwdx – process working directory Process Control pmap - Show process memory mappings pgrep – grep for processes pkill – kill processes list pstop – stop processes prun – start processes prctl – view/set process resources pwait – wait for process preap – reap a zombie process plgrp - examine and modify process home lgroup and lgroup affinities pmadvise - apply madvise(3C) to address segments of a process Process Tracing/Debugging abitrace – trace ABI interfaces dtrace – trace the world mdb – debug/control processes truss – trace functions and system calls snoop - debug and trace network traffic collect/analyzer - Sun Studio tools for binary code development and runtime analysis (not bundled with Solaris, but freely downloadable) Kernel Tracing/Debugging dtrace – trace and monitor kernel lockstat – monitor locking statistics lockstat -k – profile kernel mdb – debug live and kernel cores Hotkernel - What is the kernel doing?